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Botines '24/7' para pasar el otoño

¿De verdad a estas alturas todavía hace falta explicar que el terciopelo azul es el material clave de la temporada? El mismo tejido y el mismo tono exacto que el de estos botines con un tacón súper sensato de Carmelinas (ver precio). Full article link:  

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Few items are so elusive as the perfect summer sandal. For those days when a Birkenstock or leather slide just won’t cut it—maybe you have a fancy lunch meeting, or you just want to look a little more polished—you need a summery shoe that’s chic, practical, and will go with everything in your closet. Seems like a tall order, right? Now that low-heeled pumps and blocky mules are back on trend, finding the ideal mix of comfort and style has actually never been easier. We asked editors to share which shoes they’re relying on all season long, from tropical high-tops to striped babouches to hand-painted sandals. Bet you can’t pick just one favorite.   Sophia Li, Photo Producer...

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